The Lego Affiliate Program

Lego Affiliate

The LEGO Affiliate Program offers content creators a chance to earn commissions promoting LEGO products online.

 Founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen in Denmark, LEGO has become a global symbol of creativity and quality.

 Through the affiliate program, partners can share in LEGO’s legacy by promoting its diverse range of products. 

This article will delve into the benefits, workings, and opportunities provided by the LEGO Affiliate Program. Join us as we explore how to turn a passion for LEGO into a rewarding affiliate partnership!

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How does it work?

The LEGO Affiliate Program is run by Rakuten Advertising. To join, individuals sign up on Rakuten’s platform. Once approved, affiliates get LEGO banners, links, and product feeds to use in their content.

Affiliates earn commissions by sending traffic to the LEGO website and making sales. 

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Opportunities Offered by LEGO Affiliate

Here are five simple opportunities offered by the LEGO Affiliate Program:

Share Your Passion 

Make money by promoting LEGO products if you love LEGO and enjoy talking about it.

Promote a Variety of Products

 Advertise a wide range of LEGO items like sets, mini figures, and themed collections such as LEGO Star Wars or LEGO Harry Potter.

Create Fun Content

 Use LEGO banners and links in your blogs, videos, or social media posts to show off your creativity.

Earn Money with Clicks

Get paid for driving people to the LEGO website and earning commissions when they make purchases.

Partner with a Trusted Brand

 Collaborate with LEGO, a well-known brand recognized for quality and inspiring creativity in kids and adults.

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Joining Process

Getting started as a LEGO affiliate is easy. Simply sign up for an affiliate account on the LEGO affiliate platform. 

Fill out all the necessary information to create your profile, including your contact details and website or social media links. 

Once your profile is complete, you can start accessing LEGO banners, links, and product feeds to begin promoting LEGO products and earning commissions.

Pre-Written Content

LEGO offers its affiliates pre-written materials like articles, content, or blog posts that can be used on their platforms. 

These resources are designed to save time and ensure consistent messaging for affiliates, making it easier to promote LEGO products effectively.

 Utilizing these materials can enhance the affiliate’s marketing efforts and engagement with their audience.

Lego Affiliate

Commission And Payout

When you join LEGO’s affiliate program, it’s important to know about their payouts. LEGO offers a single-tier commission structure, where affiliates earn a 3% commission on sales they generate. 

Payouts are processed monthly, and you can receive your earnings through ACH, PayPal, or checks. 

The minimum amount you need to earn before getting paid is $50. If you have questions about LEGO’s payout methods, you can find more details in their affiliate program information or contact LEGO Affiliates directly.


How do you start the Lego affiliate program?

  • To start the LEGO Affiliate Program:
  • Visit the Rakuten Advertising network and sign up for an affiliate account.
  • Once approved, access LEGO’s promotional materials like banners and links.
  • Promote LEGO products on your website or social media using these materials.
  • Earn commissions on sales generated through your affiliate links to LEGO’s website.

How much do Lego affiliates get paid?

LEGO affiliates earn a commission rate of 3% on sales they generate through their referral links. 

The amount they get paid depends on the total value of the products sold. Affiliates receive payouts monthly once they reach the minimum threshold of $50 in commissions.

What are the payment methods available for LEGO affiliates?

LEGO affiliates can receive payments via ACH (bank transfer), PayPal, or checks. These payment methods allow affiliates to conveniently receive their earned commissions from the LEGO affiliate program.

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